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Who we are

"LabSD, Inc. is a social enterprise with a vision of the world without barriers to quality healthcare services." 

Our story.

LabSD, Inc. is a social enterprise established to provide solutions for global health programs/projects, improving their effectiveness and efficiency in resource limited conditions. Its first item, the EYELIKE™ Platform enables community level health workers to conduct a proper retinal exam while saving environment by using upcycled smartphones instead of producing new medical devices.

A world without barriers to quality healthcare services.

LabSD, Inc. provides an eco-system centered around the EYELIKE™ Platform to promote eye health in resource limited conditions.

Our Vision.

A world without barriers to quality healthcare services.

Our Mission.

To contribute to the Availability, Accessibility, Affordability Attainability and Accountability as well as Awareness of quality healthcare services everywhere, specifically in resource limited conditions.

Core Values, ISEE.

Inclusive. Create a thriving eco-system for a healthier world through proposing mutually beneficial values to the partner organizations.

Sustainable. Align and interact with all United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Evidence Based. Generate evidence for the impact of solutions provided and establish an archive of all data collected for the future generation to step further.

Empowered. Provide proper health services through task-shifting the role of highly-trained medical personnel to already-existing health human resources in the community with appropriate technology.

UN SDGs Targeted. 

For more information about our efforts to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, click the icons below.

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Global Outreach. 

LabSD, Inc. is currently piloting EYELIKE ™ platform in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Morocco, Papua New Guinea, and India

in collaboration with IAPB, Samsung Electronics, and Project BOM of the Yonsei Health System along with other prestigious organizations that are concerned with community eye health. LabSD, Inc. is aiming to distribute at least 1 platform in every 50,000 population, which is a recommendation for the number for Vision Centers by experts at IAPB and World Health Organization (WHO) until 2030,

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